Thursday, 19 April 2012

Top 10 Nail Polish by Colour

"Here’s a mid-week quick-and-easy idea to add some punch to your outfit—reach for some [pastel or] neon nail polish.InStyle

Following Instyle's lead we have created the top 10 pastel and neon nail polish buys, by colour.Add bold colour to any outfit without looking like a clown. Tell us what you think.

Top 10 Purples

Nails Inc, J.Crew, Essie, Pop Beauty



Top 10 Blues
Uslu Airlines, RMK, Deborah Lippmann, NARS


Top 10 Greens
Essie, Pop Beauty, Forever 21, Nails Inc

Top 10 Oranges and Yellows
Forever 21, NARS, Deborah Lippmann, Essie

Top 10 Reds

Jessica Custom Nail Colour, Nails Inc, OPI

 Top 10 Pinks
Christian Dior, J.Crew, Nails Inc, Forever 21


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